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my photography

my photography

My Photography


Trick Photography: Dangerous animal in your garden

1. Camera Yashica MF- 2 Super or any S L R. Camera.
2. Lens 38 mm or any Normal or Zoom.
3. Film Kodak MAX 400.
4. A good cut out of any animal like Tiger etc.
Shooting animals in their own world is very interesting as well as dangerous also. But, in this method anyone can take photography of any dangerous animal like Tiger as simple and easy as take photograph of a cow in a cattle. In this method to take photograph an animal such as a Tiger; you need a good quality big poster of a Tiger and place it in your garden or in jungle in such way that it seems like a real Tiger is waiting in a real forest. Then shoot it in daylight. You can attach a color-balancing fitter in your Camera lens if possible. Does not use flash of your Camera. You can take various photographs from various angle and position. If your placing, composing is OK then the result of this experiment will be surety ok.

Trick Photography: Blue Photography
Blue Photography is seen so many in Film Photography and some of Add Photographs. Blue Photography is a technique of Light. Anyone can shoot Blue Photographs by a Point and Shoot Camera or an S L R Camera
Requirement: - 1. One Camera (I used Point and Shoot Camera)
2. One color film roll
3. One Flash (Electronic)
Load the film roll in your Camera. Select any subject. Preferably man or Woman. Fix two or three piece of blue colored glass paper in front of the Flash. Which is used normally in decorative lights. Now Shoot. After developing you will get a very attractive Blue-Black Photography. You can use this technique to Photograph or Shoot some special dramatic Moment.

Technique by - Madhurja Das.

my published writings....

My Published Writings

Hobby Samrat D’xing, B.H.Collage alochani 1995-96, 22 th Issue.
Prachin Samar Kala, Kungfu aru Karate – All Assam Rural Games Souvenir 1997.
Dora Bachani (short story) B.H.collage alochani 1996-97, 23 th Issue.
An Interview /The New Sunrise/ Darkness (Eng. Poem) B.H.Collage alochani 1997-98 24th Issue.
Aahak D’xing Karo (Part-I) Ajorir Jilingani, Nov-1997 Issue.
Aahak D’xing Karo (Part-II) Chatra-chatrir Jilingani, 16-28 Feb. 1998 Issue.
Pehadau : Manuhjan (Ashru Anjali) Souvenir Late B.N.Pathak
Agnigarbha (Ass. Poem), Illusion (Eng. Poem)/ Hatya (short story) B.H.Collage, alochani 1998-99, 25 th Issue.
Patralap Prantk 16-30 Apr. 1999 Issue.
Ek Chilim Ningni (one act Play in Barpeta’s Collocial language) Mandakini, Mar. 2000 Issue.
Batahot Tejor Gonth, Poem’ Mandakani, July 2000 Issue.
Antar Hobby D’xing, Purbachal (Amar Asom Sunday Magagin), 9 Jan, 2000.
Asomor Suprasidha Hatidator Silpa/ Amar Asom, 1 Apr. 2007.
Dora Bachani (one minute story) – Rahashya, 1 Apr. 2001 Issue
Patralap - Prantik, 1 – 15 July 2001 Issue.
Patralap – Prantik, 1 – 15 Sept. 2001 issue.
Barpetar Hatidator Silpa Jagatat Abhumuki. The Bohag Bihu : Socio Economic System – B.H.Collage alochani 2001-02, 28 th Issue.
Barpetar Hatidator Silpa – Gagana, Souvenir Howly Ancholik Bhagi Utshav 2003.
Aronyar Maje Maje – Manas Byaghra Prakalpa – Puwa, May 2005.
Barpetar Shwarna Silpar Aitijya – ThokaSona, Samalay, 15-30 Aug. 2005.
Raijor Sithi – Sadin, 17 Aug. 2007 Issue.
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s song : A brief analaysis – 2008, madhurja
Trick Photo : Blue Photography– 2008,
Trick Photo : Animal Photography 2008,
Asomor Gaurav:Supari Udyog-Eti Alokpat2008,Muruli,souveneer-Howli Rash Utshav
Ekashi Bacharia Parampara : Howlir Rash Utshav2008,Asomiya Purvodoi-Weekly News Paper

My UnPublished Writings
Computarar Bishwa Byapi Network : Internet (1997).
Dr. Bhupen Hazarikar Geet : Eti Shamu Paryalochana (1997).
Kuri Satikar Snsthatam Naramedh Yagya : Udita Suryat Tejor Cheka (2001)
Bahere Murti garha Manuhjan (2003).
Dhanajoy Chettarjieer Fanchir Ghatanato ……. (2004).
Athsattar Bacharia Hawlyr Rash Utshav : Eti Alokpat (2005).
Asomor Kanh Silpa : Atit aru Bartaman (2005).
D’xingor Hatputhi (2006).
Sampurnna Digital Photography (2007).
Over 100 Poem (1996 - 2007) (in Assamese, English and Hindi language)

About Me..

About me

I am Madhurja Das an Ameteur Photographer and freelance Writer of Assam. My educational qualification is B. A. under Guwahati Univercity.
I stated Photography as a hobby from 1998. I like to shoot Natural Scenes, Birds, Animals, and Flowers etc. usually use a Yacshica MF-2 Compact Film camera. After Printing I convert photos into Digital Images.
I established this blog to show my Photographs. This blog is designed by my friend Mr. Rupam Sarma.
-- Madhurja Das
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